"A WORK OF ART" - Kristoffer directs, produces, and co-stars with Sylvie Maris in this poignant story of a young girl battling depression. 

- Festivals -
  • American Pavilion Emerging Filmmaker Showcase, Cannes - (Finalist)
  • Pittsburgh Shorts
  • Cleveland International
  • Flickers' Rhode Island International - (Semi-Finalist)
  • San Jose International Short
  • Yountville International Short
  • Gig Harbor
  • Chandler International (WINNER - Best Drama)
  • Cordillera International
  • Indy Shorts International
  • Orlando

Why the name "Podunk"?

Back in 1997, as a junior at NYU’s TISCH School of the Arts, I had a “bigger than life” dream that one day I would start a production company and make my own movies.

I can still remember walking down Lafayette Street and brainstorming possible names for my future endeavor. I knew I wanted to somehow incorporate my name, Polaha. I also wanted a name that reflected who I was… a kid from Reno, NV, "The Biggest Little City in the World", whose family didn't have ties to the movie business or even with the arts. Additionally, I wanted something that had a positive connotation like Paramount, Imagine, Legendary, Icon, Universal… a name that reached for the top and beyond… a name that conjured up grandeur and power. Then a thought hit me… A Slam Dunk production: after all, nothing's better than a slam dunk ala Michael Jordan, but what about my name and where I came from? Of course, Po… dunk! What better name is there for a “nowhere” kid going who knows where? I loved the double meaning, and I knew that one day Podunk would tell stories that affirm life and offer hope while pushing boundaries artistically.

That day has arrived… Podunk Productions is committed to creating stories and bringing them to life, page to screen; to inspiring future generations of storytellers through brilliant acting and filmmaking; to getting the job done through force of will and passion alone; to accepting the challenge of turning things on their head, like David and Goliath… taking something that’s considered weak and making it powerful.

It’s finally time to see what a “nowhere” kid can do. Won’t you join me?