herARTS in Action

Mission Statement

herARTS in Action is a 501c3 nonprofit founded in 2011, awarded status in 2014, and in 2018 obtained NGO status in Burkina Faso. The mission of herARTS in Action is to produce and sell artwork that educates on global topics, creates social change, and then funds sustainability projects in Burkina Faso and Sierra Leone and access to the visual arts in Minnesota. The vision is that herARTS in Action contributes to,

  1. sustainable socioeconomic status, including education, employment, and health, for the women and children of Burkina Faso based on the stated need and desires of the people and in a manner respectful of the culture,
  2. nontraditional access to visual art for those most marginalized to attain art skills and experiences in Minnesota, and
  3. educational success for children in Sierra Leone by providing supplies needed in and outside the classroom.

Kristoffer Polaha — Ambassador & Advocate, Champion of Action through the Arts, Champion for women and children's education and health through access to clean water

When asked, Why herARTS in Action? Why water? Kristoffer replied: "I was on Twitter one day last year [2015] where herARTS in Action reached out to me and I was impressed with the heart of the organization. Sarah Drake's personal testimony and how simple the solution to the water problem in Africa is made herARTS in Action so compelling that it forced me to action. To me, the most compelling aspect of herARTS in Action is how it seeks to use the power of art to affect change in the world. As an artist, that's a huge idea."

Actor Kristoffer Polaha, and celebrity ambassador of herARTS in Action, invited his friends to create a painting as a fundraiser and awareness campaign for World Water Day. This clip shows Kristoffer himself painting. Follow @herartsinaction across all platforms to stay up to date on the finished product and auction details. Learn more about herARTS in Action at www.herartsinaction.org.